Power Patterns in Thought...

If you've practiced with me before (or practiced yoga, in general)- it's likely you've joined in setting or honoring the intention of inviting in "clear and loving thought, speech and action."
These past few days, I've enjoyed a deep dive into an "oldy, but goody" favorite book of mine- 'Power vs. Force' written by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D

In Dr. Hawkin's research- founded in Kinesiology & a lifetime of research, he includes a comprehensive list of contrasting qualtiies of mind and makes the correlation as to which qualities "can initiate a consciouness-raising process" and which leave one feeling week, suffering or overall negatively effected.  To put it simply- we have a choice, and our choices make a huge difference in how everything else in our life plays out.

Below are some of a long-list of qualities that are high vibration, contrasted with their correlated "low vibration" alternatives.


So, with this knowledge, we are granted the opportunity- moment by moment, breath by breath, to choose the thoughts, words and actions that are truly in our best interest- for our relationships, business affairs and our overall health.

CHEERS to CHOICE, New Beginnings & the infinite amount of applications in which the greater practice of Yoga awakens us to:)

And if you've yet to read "Power vs. Force", I highly recommend it.

Your body...is a truth teller.




Heart-Centered living for our Health: an opportunity to practice on & off the mat

Good morning beautiful people,

As I sip my morning tea, I'm inspired to share an excerpt from Deepak Chopra's new book "The Healing Self", where he artfully crafts a powerful testament to the healing power of love. I share this with you, as it's been my continued experience that an intentionally-sequenced yoga flow reminds us of the sweetness of living in a heart-centered space (plus, it's great for your health!:). Check out the excerpt below and a little personal commentary on it as well...

"Recent breakthroughs are transforming matters of the heart. But here we want to reinforce the healing value of love. People thrive when they feel love and languish when they don't. Love increases one's sense of self-esteem, which leads to taking better care of oneself. Love also alleviates stress, anxiety, and depression, which reduces chronic inflammation and risk for many age-related disorders, such as heart disease, diabetes, and Rudy's specialty, Alzheimer's disease. Love is a state of awareness, not a lifestyle choice. Ultimately what counts aren't the choices you make but the consciousness that keeps those choices going in a constant state of healing."
Deepak Chopra

Some of the other emotional states associated with the heart, that every life can benefit from are:
Empathy, Compassion, Devotion, Forgiveness...Mmmmm
Lucky for us, we have the opportunity to "invite in" or embody any of these emotional states both on and off the mat....Cheers to our health!
I hope to see you for practice, this week:)

Gratitude for the Journey of Yoga

Today I am feeling particularly grateful for the practice & study of Yoga:

As a dedicated student of yoga, there have been many phases of my journey. It started with an excitement to have found Bikram in 2003- because I sweat more than I had ever sweat in any sport I had played in my teenage years. Then, a deep focus on alignment in 2007 when I stumbled upon Ashtanga (since it was 3 blocks from my new SF neighborhood).  In 2009- I was mesmorized by flow yoga- the dancer in me was surely intrigued and born again. A summer love affair with Kundalini in 2014 got me playing with the idea of... "it's all about energy."  In 2015, when I was pregnant and teaching pre-natal yoga-  the feminine, nourishing and "keeping it safe" aspects of the practice spoke to me.  Right after baby Samantha Rose, Post-Natal yoga offered the tools to get my strength & sense of self back- particularly in a post-C-Section belly and a hunched-over-shoulder-situation.  Today, nearly 18 months post-birth, I couldn't be more IN LOVE WITH with the way it's ALL coming together-- as I find embodied answers to questions such as "what am I really teaching?", "what is this practice really about?"----Mmmmm---the essence of life, the interconnectivity of all things, the path of Self-Mastery...how exciting!

Cat Pose...

In every pose- there are SO many options for verbal cues to help deepen the pose.  As a teacher- in a 75 minute public class, we can't even begin to share them all...So, 

A few things to feel for in... 

Cat Pose (Sanskrit: Marjaryasana)

1. Your hands don't move, but feel as though they're pressing the mat away from you
2. Pull your upper top ribs IN, towards your back body
3. Actively press DOWN into the tops of feet and shins

New Mama

Sharing myself and my devotion to the practice of yoga- thru teaching, writing & blogging is certainly a passion of mine. However, as a new mama - there's very little "Free time" to do the extras in life...so, hope to see you on the mat, in person...Will be bloggin' more, when the time is right!:) 

Thought of the week

One of my deepest commitments, and the reason I feel so drawn to both teaching yoga and having a regular yoga practice is to cultivate intuition - an internal compass of how to navigate not only the day-to-day, but my greater path, as well.

How does one make decisions, and “where” do we go to make them?  (Your head, body or your heart...or perhaps a combination of all 3, given the circumstances).

On my journey of practicing a deepened connection to inner knowledge or intuition, it’s so easy to fall off the train- to forget how and where to go, for the truth- for the choice that “feels right.”

There are many ways to approach this topic, but today, I choose to look at it this way: Start with the physical. My morning read, a few pages from “Light on Life” by Iyengar- was the perfect refresher.

“This is not yoga by the body for the body, but yoga by the body for the mind, for the intelligence.”

The physical practice of yoga, the asanas, gives us the opportunity to bring awareness to places in our body where sensation is absent. And when we bring sensation to where there is not, we allow awareness to flow their too. We can then navigate our path from a body, mind and heart that’s more fully present, more fully aware- and take the next step, the next decision, with a bit more confidence, for we’re NOW operating from a place of integration and clarity- like a machine that has all pistons firing... And that, feels powerful, deliberate and like a walk toward freedom :)  When you’ve practiced yoga before, you probably know the feeling- a little lighter, more balanced, more purposeful-- perhaps, even more decisive:) Cheers to that!

Quote by Viktor Frankl

“Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space
lies our freedom and our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and happiness.”

What a mind of calmness and clarity does is to increase that space for us.

Yoga..for the body, and the mind:)

An excerpt from the book "The Great Work of Your Life" by Stephen Cope

“The yoga tradition is a virtual catalog of the various methods human beings have discovered over the past 3,000 years to function on all cylinders.”

“The yoga tradition is very, very interested in the idea of an inner possibility harbored within every human soul.  Yogis insist that every single human being has a unique vocation.”

The path to more deeply know thy self…beautiful.

Inspiring, eh?:)

Flow - The Psychology of Flow

This article is dives a little deeper into some of the reasons why I love a solid flow yoga class…and reminds me why I do what I do…teach yoga:)

This week's Yoga schedule, plus-- Weekend Additions

Wednesday 2/19 (and every Wednesday;)
745pm. 75min
The Pad Studios on Union st.
*Soul Flow, all levels, groovy tunes, solid flow with a lil’ extra time for long holds when we move down onto the floor (emphasis on hips and hamstrings;)

For you weekend warriors, I will be subbing 2 classes this weekend:
Saturday Feb 22nd
1030am. 75min
The Pad
*power yoga, all levels

Sunday, Feb 23rd
830am. 90min
International Orange
*vinyasa flow, level 2