Thought of the week

One of my deepest commitments, and the reason I feel so drawn to both teaching yoga and having a regular yoga practice is to cultivate intuition - an internal compass of how to navigate not only the day-to-day, but my greater path, as well.

How does one make decisions, and “where” do we go to make them?  (Your head, body or your heart...or perhaps a combination of all 3, given the circumstances).

On my journey of practicing a deepened connection to inner knowledge or intuition, it’s so easy to fall off the train- to forget how and where to go, for the truth- for the choice that “feels right.”

There are many ways to approach this topic, but today, I choose to look at it this way: Start with the physical. My morning read, a few pages from “Light on Life” by Iyengar- was the perfect refresher.

“This is not yoga by the body for the body, but yoga by the body for the mind, for the intelligence.”

The physical practice of yoga, the asanas, gives us the opportunity to bring awareness to places in our body where sensation is absent. And when we bring sensation to where there is not, we allow awareness to flow their too. We can then navigate our path from a body, mind and heart that’s more fully present, more fully aware- and take the next step, the next decision, with a bit more confidence, for we’re NOW operating from a place of integration and clarity- like a machine that has all pistons firing... And that, feels powerful, deliberate and like a walk toward freedom :)  When you’ve practiced yoga before, you probably know the feeling- a little lighter, more balanced, more purposeful-- perhaps, even more decisive:) Cheers to that!