Gratitude for the Journey of Yoga

Today I am feeling particularly grateful for the practice & study of Yoga:

As a dedicated student of yoga, there have been many phases of my journey. It started with an excitement to have found Bikram in 2003- because I sweat more than I had ever sweat in any sport I had played in my teenage years. Then, a deep focus on alignment in 2007 when I stumbled upon Ashtanga (since it was 3 blocks from my new SF neighborhood).  In 2009- I was mesmorized by flow yoga- the dancer in me was surely intrigued and born again. A summer love affair with Kundalini in 2014 got me playing with the idea of... "it's all about energy."  In 2015, when I was pregnant and teaching pre-natal yoga-  the feminine, nourishing and "keeping it safe" aspects of the practice spoke to me.  Right after baby Samantha Rose, Post-Natal yoga offered the tools to get my strength & sense of self back- particularly in a post-C-Section belly and a hunched-over-shoulder-situation.  Today, nearly 18 months post-birth, I couldn't be more IN LOVE WITH with the way it's ALL coming together-- as I find embodied answers to questions such as "what am I really teaching?", "what is this practice really about?"----Mmmmm---the essence of life, the interconnectivity of all things, the path of exciting!