Heart-Centered living for our Health: an opportunity to practice on & off the mat

Good morning beautiful people,

As I sip my morning tea, I'm inspired to share an excerpt from Deepak Chopra's new book "The Healing Self", where he artfully crafts a powerful testament to the healing power of love. I share this with you, as it's been my continued experience that an intentionally-sequenced yoga flow reminds us of the sweetness of living in a heart-centered space (plus, it's great for your health!:). Check out the excerpt below and a little personal commentary on it as well...

"Recent breakthroughs are transforming matters of the heart. But here we want to reinforce the healing value of love. People thrive when they feel love and languish when they don't. Love increases one's sense of self-esteem, which leads to taking better care of oneself. Love also alleviates stress, anxiety, and depression, which reduces chronic inflammation and risk for many age-related disorders, such as heart disease, diabetes, and Rudy's specialty, Alzheimer's disease. Love is a state of awareness, not a lifestyle choice. Ultimately what counts aren't the choices you make but the consciousness that keeps those choices going in a constant state of healing."
Deepak Chopra

Some of the other emotional states associated with the heart, that every life can benefit from are:
Empathy, Compassion, Devotion, Forgiveness...Mmmmm
Lucky for us, we have the opportunity to "invite in" or embody any of these emotional states both on and off the mat....Cheers to our health!
I hope to see you for practice, this week:)