Power Patterns in Thought...

If you've practiced with me before (or practiced yoga, in general)- it's likely you've joined in setting or honoring the intention of inviting in "clear and loving thought, speech and action."
These past few days, I've enjoyed a deep dive into an "oldy, but goody" favorite book of mine- 'Power vs. Force' written by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D

In Dr. Hawkin's research- founded in Kinesiology & a lifetime of research, he includes a comprehensive list of contrasting qualtiies of mind and makes the correlation as to which qualities "can initiate a consciouness-raising process" and which leave one feeling week, suffering or overall negatively effected.  To put it simply- we have a choice, and our choices make a huge difference in how everything else in our life plays out.

Below are some of a long-list of qualities that are high vibration, contrasted with their correlated "low vibration" alternatives.


So, with this knowledge, we are granted the opportunity- moment by moment, breath by breath, to choose the thoughts, words and actions that are truly in our best interest- for our relationships, business affairs and our overall health.

CHEERS to CHOICE, New Beginnings & the infinite amount of applications in which the greater practice of Yoga awakens us to:)

And if you've yet to read "Power vs. Force", I highly recommend it.

Your body...is a truth teller.