Ah-Ha moment during Alexander Technique...

“Think…forward and up.”

I’ve been studying, practicing and absorbing the Alexander Technique.

The Alexander technique has greatly informed not only my yoga practice, but the way I “show up” in the world in many ways (i.e. the importance of where I put my energy and attention).

During my most recent lesson, I was struck by a deeper understanding of one of the very basic tenets of the work– “Think…forward and up.  Allow the neck to be free so, the head can go forward and up so, the back can lengthen and widen.“

What does this mean?  Well, It means a lot of things.  Let’s explore one…

I now understand one benefit of the motion, and mental cue– "head, forward and up”,  in a new way.

The cranium has the ability to rest gently and evenly on the spine, but all too often, we hold our heads too far forward or too far back. Thus, causing a reaction which throws the rest of our body out of alignment (not to mention making it hard to relax in general).

The atlano-occiptal joint in the back of the neck often gets “stuck” or “tight.”  (The atlas is the bone which allows you to nod up and down).  And, for those of you who get head aches often, which I used to…this is very important info.

Prolonged inappropriate posture from poor ergonomics, often leads to tension-like headaches. Well, tension often occurs at the atlanto-occipital joint- due to holding the neck in a rigid position, too far forward or too far back.

One solution:  “think, forward and up” and begin to live in your body with less effort and more comfort.

Gravity already has enough power over us, pulling the body down– and often pulling the shoulders in, neck forward and concaving the chest.

Think forward and up!  Enjoy your “Up-Ness”, maintain your youthful exuberance, and begin to live in your body with ease!

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