Energy Follows Attention

After class last night, I had a deeper understanding of one of my (doesn’t need to be anyone else’s), but MY commitment to my practice.  It starts with this notion- Energy Follows Attention.

I believe that where you put your attention in life, is what will manifest for you.


Thus, if your attention is “all over the place” and you find yourself easily distracted, chances are your energy and how you’re “showing up in the world” is a bit sporadic as well.  That may manifest in continual tardiness, often forgetting appointments or details of a text or email just read or sent. Or, perhaps you’re simply focusing on what you don’t have, and therefore not manifesting the career or love you desire in this life.

I honor my daily yoga practice as an opportunity to practice where I put my attention.  Namely, my breath, and the gentle sensations I am feeling, in the moment, in my body.


It doesn’t mean my mind doesn’t wander, but rather, that I have a commitment to continually bring my focus and attention back to my mat, my body, and my breath.  And with that said, Namaste.