YOGA: a practice of stilling the mind.

Quite the opposite of a “still mind” is an anxious mind.

This blog post is a response to what I’m hearing friends and students share they’re struggling with— Anxiety. A feeling that has become rather accepted, for many of us.

Anxiety has been referred to as “fear without a target.” It’s often un-objectified, you can’t see the source (and if you can, it’s often not something that’s actually happening to you “in the moment”– it’s often something past or future oriented).

As my dad said, Dr. Jason I call him,  “Inner power is in Presence of Being– the zen, the groove, the zone,  the sweet spot– often referred to in sports as the result of relaxed concentration and trusting in the action that emerges in this state of Being”.

Practice. Patience. Breath.

Just like any desirable human quality or characteristic (compassion, gratitude, etc.), in my experience- cultivating a sense of presence (the capacity to live in the present moment), takes practice.

Suggestion: 3-5 times a day, pause, feel your feet on the ground and place a hand on the center of your belly.  Take three deep breaths. Focus on the inhale and the exhale- allowing for full and even breaths. Over time, it may come just a little bit easier.