2018 Retreat to The Farm (FULLY BOOKED- 2019 Retreat Dates Soon to be Announced)

An upcoming Fall Retreat to The Farm is scheduled for October 12-14th, 2018- just 90 minutes East of San Francisco.

Allow your body and mind to expand into the beauty of a natural setting where space is ample, birds are chirping, and sounds of the natural world are your soundtrack as you practice yoga in the sunshine.  Join us as we slow down, move attention inward, cultivate gratitude and tune into the bodies innate wisdom.  Meal times are an opportunity for outward connection and fun!  Nicole's passion for personal growth and overall wellness will manifest as an opportunity for participants to move, reflect, share and journal. A series of thoughtfully sequenced Vinyasa and Hatha flows (4 sessions in total) will range from sweaty and invigorating, to deeply nourishing.  You will leave the weekend feeling uplifted and recharged.

The Farm hosts up to 20 guests devoted to deepening their yoga practice, healthy eating and relaxation.  Optional bodywork & acupuncture and all organic meals prepared by a professional chef.  

WHEN: Friday Oct 12th 2pm - Sunday Oct 14th 2pm

WHERE: The Farm, Grand Island, Walnut Grove (retreattothefarm.com)

Schedule: Yoga, meditation, journaling, farm tour and meal time will provide a loose structure for the weekend, leaving plenty of time to connect and enjoy The Farm. For those wishing to explore this part of the delta, consider brining your bicycle to ride around the island. Visit Bogle Winery on the neighboring island. Check out Locke, the last standing Chinese settlement built in the late 19th century. Or simply walk the fields. 

Room options: SHARED ROOMING

(for room descriptions & pictures at The Farm: click HERE)

  • Dormitory: bunk bed $499 (FULLY BOOKED)

  • Dormitory: Twin bed $519 (single occupancy) (FULLY BOOKED)

  • Dormitory: Full bed $599 (single occupancy) $499 (double occupancy) (FULLY BOOKED)

  • Studio: twin bed $549 (FULLY BOOKED)

  • Studio: Full bed $599 (single occupancy) $549 (double occupancy) (FULLY BOOKED)


  • Private room with full bed: $879 (single occupancy) $679 (double occupancy) (FULLY BOOKED)

  • Horses' Cottage $599 (double occupancy) (FULLY BOOKED)

  • Feather Lite: $499 (single occupancy) (FULLY BOOKED)

  • Tent: $499/per person (Guests are welcome to pitch a tent on a shaded lawn just adjacent to the back lawn of farmhouse. Guests in tents may use the ground floor bathroom and shower) (FULLY BOOKED)

(for room descriptions & pictures at The Farm: click HERE)

*shared bathrooms for all

You are sure to leave this weekend feeling replenished! Sign up today!  Email: Nicole Cronin: yogawithnic@gmail.com to confirm room availability, reserve and pay for room via Venmo or check by mail. 

 Cancellation policy: Your entire payment will be refunded less $300 if cancellation is made prior to August 15th after which payment is non refundable