Nicole is one of my favorite yoga instructors, hands-down. She is gentle yet strong, the music playlist is (always) amazing and her practice has an obvious Ashtanga foundation with the fluidity of Vinyasa (a combo that I personally love!). Her voice is very soothing and the pacing feels nearly perfect– spacious, earthy, yet ethereal vibe to each and every class. This type of embodied honesty and integrity are truly hard to come by!
— Nicole, PhD. Transpersonal Healer/Artist/Activist

Nicole’s yoga classes have the right balance of core strengthening, stretching, and meditation. Every time I go to one of Nicole’s classes I feel like I hit the refresh button in life. I started off as an avid Bikram student and whenever I tried to explore other forms of yoga I always found it to be too easy (boring) or too challenging (frustrating). After experiencing just one of Nicole’s classes I was a believer! For the past year I’ve been regularly attending Nicole’s classes about twice a week and I’ve noticed a drastic improvement in my physical and spiritual well being. I’m more flexible now than I’ve ever been and my core is strong. Most importantly the pinch in my lower back and the pain in my left knee has completely vanished! I am so grateful to have found Nicole’s classes. I will continue my practice with her for as long as she will teach!
— Carla

Nicole has a way of making her class feel like a community. The energy built during each session is supportive and warm. After a long day, I look forward to the restorative, grounding process, and always leave feeling relaxed and refreshed. As a nice bonus, Nicole’s adjustments are amazing!
— Kelly

I have the greatest admiration for Nicole. It is my good fortune to take weekly private lessons with her; in which she works me through a variation of routines that always keeps the program fresh and interesting, while literally stretching me in new directions each session. I found Nicole through a friend of mine whose daughter attends her classes. I was recovering from back surgery and looking for something that I could incorporate into a daily program and she has created that for me. She has pushed me to grow with the practice while understanding, and helping to overcome, my limitations. I subsequently needed to have another procedure, due to the wear and tear of years of athletic endeavors, and Nicole was able to get me reestablished in a short period of time. She has a real feel for knowing just how long to work a pose to get the full benefit without overextending my capacities. As much as I enjoy the lessons, I enjoy Nicole: we start each week with a conversation of general topics to establish my mindset, as she has a philosophy of full integration of the practice and life to achieve its fullest results for the health of body and mind. She is a fabulous and interesting young woman, and it has been to my benefit, and pleasure, to have had the opportunity to know her.
— James

Nicole’s yoga class was amazing. It was the perfect balance of physicality and intentionality. It was probably one of the best classes that I have attended in a long time. You can tell that leading a yoga class has way more meaning than just a job for Nicole, and it’s felt by the students. I look forward to attending more sessions when I am back in town.
— Reza